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Top 10 reasons why websites fail: reason 7

The next installment in our 'Top 10 reasons why websites fail'.


Reason 7: The Pricing

A great way of really antagonising your website visitors is to convince them that they’veReason 7: pricing found a supplier that can do everything they need but keep how much it will cost, a secret. Imagine seeing an advert (television or otherwise) for the latest must-have gadget, being poised with your phone and your credit card, waiting to find out how much it costs and they don’t tell you.

Although commercially it may make sense not to publish your pricing to your competitors, it may also lead to a considerable reduction in enquiries. Yes, they could well pick up the phone or click the enquiry button to find out, equally they could go to another website with prices on to make their purchase.

On the flip side, showing your pricing is one way of weeding out prospective clients that can't afford your services. There are other ways of attracting your ideal clients and putting off your other visitors, but that's a whole different article!

For those businesses that aren’t comfortable with including a price, or can’t because it’s a bespoke product or service, it’s worth considering adding a price range or guideline (‘Prices start from’). It won't work for every business model but it may work for yours.

If you've got a web statistics package on your site and can make changes to your content yourself, why not test the pricing theory?


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